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Tethered To The Dead Origins

By the time I started to write Tethered I was beginning to see a pattern to the books. Needle had been a long affair with plenty of twists and turns, so much so that I tied myself in knots over the plot and the characters.

Falls was written faster and more action-packed; the story was shorter in an effort to clear the decks and just write a book that didn't confuse me.

So, with Tethered it was back to the more traditional 'who done it' and why? I knew what I wanted to write but was also aware that it would be a sensitive subject that needed more thought than the balls to the wall, approach of Falls. I also wanted a character involved who at first seemed despicable, but over the passage of the book I wanted the reader to sympathies with to a certain extent. Bad guys are often one dimensional, so adding a twist is always a good thing.

I had tried it with Mr Plymouth in Falls, and the readers seemed to take to the guy despite his wicked ways. Tethered is concerned with secrets, lies, and people trying to cover their backs at all costs. This was another book that put me through the ringer as those involved refused to give up their secrets until the very end.

Still that is often the way, characters come and go and they are all a pain in the arse in one way or another.

Tethered was the first of the books where I felt I knew Lasser and what made him tick; though I am happy to say that eleven books in and the bugger can still surprise me.

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