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More Equal Than Others Origins

The Way That It Falls

More Equal was a tough book to write, not in the actual writing process but more in the subject matter. I suppose sooner or later any crime writer has an idea for a novel that can prove difficult to approach and that usually arrives when children are involved.

By now I had started to develop a style and in most cases, it involved leaving the truly gruesome details to the reader’s vivid imagination. Yes, I could take the reader so far and yes, the murders were grisly but I normally stopped on some invisible threshold and from there it was up to the reader if they wanted to soldier on and imagine their worst nightmares.

So, with the sensitive subject matter of More Equal I used the same approach, the reader is left in no doubt as to what has happened but nothing is spelled out in detail. However, when it came to the abusers then I had no problem showing the details of their downfall.

In the grand scheme of things, we are all helpless to stop bad things happening to innocent people, and I am sure the majority of people rail against the way the world turns and how often these individuals seem to escape while their victims are left to suffer. Being a writer however does allow me to try and right a wrong in my own way, although we all know this is a nonsense I still felt a need to write this book.

The Lasser books in general are focused on the victims and the unfairness of what they have to endure at the hands of others. The strange thing is that in More Equal we have a vicious killer dishing out his own savage form of retribution and yet many readers have told me they wanted him to carry on the killing spree. As with the other books I always try to find some humour no matter how dark to take the edge of the subject matter. This is something I always looked for in books as I have no interest in reading a book that has no light or shade.

There are no moral lessons to be learned in any of the books, they are there to hopefully entertain the reader and to keep them turning the pages desperate to know what happens next, this is what all writers hope to achieve and it is always a thrill when a reader contacts me to say how much they have enjoyed the story.

As for Lasser? Well for once in More Equal we find him happy with his lot in life he has a fiancé and life is good but we all know that crime and a fruitful home life never go hand in hand so it isn’t long before Lasser finds himself once again chasing the bad guys, the really bad guys and in this book the edges are blurred leaving the whole team in disarray.

Anyway, as always once one book was finished it was straight onto the next one.

Vanished Beneath… But that’s for another time.

Thank you for continuing to read the series and I hope you enjoy the origins of each book.

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