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Vanished Beneath

Whenever you start to write a book you always hope that it will be the type that virtually write themselves.

Of course, that rarely happens, most books are a stop-start affair as you try to see a way forward from the mess you have created. If you plan your books, then I suspect the process is less fraught with doubt and confusion.

Crave was great fun to write and everything fell into place, ideas linked together with ease and the characters all seemed to want to have ''page time''.

A new character called Belle took centre stage in this one and thankfully she is still going strong and feels like part of the ''Lasser family''.

If only all books unfolded like Crave then I would be one happy chappy and have fewer grey hairs than I have now, in fact the black ones are hard to find these days!

As a writer you are never sure if a book is working until it is released, though Crave is one of the few that I felt comfortable and confident with, and it seems to be a firm favourite with the reader as well.

Truth be told I never go back and read the books as I am always working on something new, though Crave has stuck in my mind more than some of the others.

Looking back, it feels like a lifetime ago since I wrote it, when the reality is more like four years which is unbelievable in many ways, but if you are starting the Lasser series then I hope you are enjoying the books and when you come to Crave I hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed the writing process.

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