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Bad Self

Vanished Beneath

Bad Self is the moment I took stock and looked back at the novels I had produced, helped of course by Val who not only edits but proofreads the books, leaving me to write stories that are littered with mistakes yet safe in the knowledge that they will picked up and sorted by Val.

Bad Self was a joy to write, one of those stories that you don't even have to think about, but 'not thinking' has its own set of problems. For me it flew along, and I loved working on the novel every day, there were no hiccups, the writing just happened, the plot fell into place.

However, for Val it was one of the real hard ones to edit. I might have been in the 'zone' but being ensnared with the writing also meant I lost cars, messed up the timeline, changed characters' names and a whole other smorgasbord of errors. So, whilst I was having fun, Val was having to deal with my slapdash approach to the story.

One of the things that made Self so much fun to write was Plymouth, he was back and working, which for anyone who has followed the series means that people will die and die badly. Although I have never counted I suspect that Bad Self will be at the top of the body count list, some readers might see it as overkill, I simply see it as fun.

Over ten books later I still have fond memories of writing the book and hope it shows in the writing.

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