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For DI John Tunny having enemies is an occupational hazard though he knows the one adversary that can never be defeated is time.

So, when young Stevie Foster is spirited away, Tunny knows that they have to find him and find him fast.

He has been in the job long enough to know that happy endings are never guaranteed though, so when a body is found dumped in local wetland Tunny feels the weight of his failings, another scar hacked into his soul.

Yet this is only the start of a nightmare that will thrust John Tunny into the twisted world of a merciless killer whose brutality is incomprehensible.

For Tunny hating someone capable of such atrocities is a not an issue, in fact, the fury he feels drives him deeper into the abyss as he tries to track the monstrous killer before he can strike again. Though as he delves deeper into the horror, he slowly comes to realise that his ironclad convictions could well be built on shifting sand.

Things are not what they seem, and as violent death rips through the town John Tunny is suddenly faced with the dilemma of hunting the killer to the bitter end or backing away.

After all, not everyone deserves saving.



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