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When a thief steals twenty gold chains from the new jewellers in town. DS Lasser is given the task of tracking him down, ordinarily no big deal. The problem is, while making his escape, the man sent an elderly woman crashing to the ground. When it transpires she is related to Callum Green, the local drugs baron, Lasser knows he must find the thief before Green does. Green is not known for his mercy, especially when his grandmother died because of the fall.
For Suzi Beddows, a local prostitute and drug addict, picking up the handbag was a stroke of luck, finding all that cash meant only one thing, escape. But Shaun Miller thinks otherwise. Miller, a wannabe drugs lord, small-time pimp and handy with his fists, finds he's bitten off more than he can chew and now he is wanted by everyone.

However, Callum Green has more pressing concerns; someone is trying to take over his business, someone who has an eye on the bigger prize.

Mr Plymouth has done this kind of work before. Charles Munroe is expanding his drugs empire, and Plymouth is responsible for the smooth transition into new more profitable areas. However, his negotiations are not done verbally but by anything he has to hand, a drill, screwdriver, knife. Mr Plymouth can be very persuasive as Tammy Butcher, a member of the Green family, finds out.
As those closest to Green begin to die. Lasser finds himself trapped between the warring factions, trying to catch the guilty, whilst protecting the innocent. A job made harder by a bent DI. Though as winter grips, he realises that in this town, even the innocent have their own agenda. And sometimes, you find yourself in someone's debt. Someone who will one day call it in.

The Way That It Falls

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