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For the man named Plymouth killing has always been as easy as breathing, but this time he is responsible for saving a life rather than taking it.
In the snow swept highlands of Scotland he is trying to keep a promise, a promise made to a man he classed as a friend.
The girl called Anna has seen more death and destruction than any fifteen year old should ever witness and the scars run deep, horror permeates her young mind, and the blood soaked nightmares are never far away, but there is one thing she is certain about, demons exist and like her dead father she wants to slaughter them all.
Slowly Plymouth realises that to help the girl he must share memories from his own harrowing past, memories he has kept locked deep inside in a well of pain and regret.
Yet fate has other plans and a simple road traffic accident on the snow smeared lane sets off a chain of events that will see Plymouth and Anna hunted across the frozen wilderness by a psychotic drug dealer from Manchester and his Scottish counterpart. Yet when they kill the wrong man, they have no idea what they have unleashed, no idea of the fury that is about to rain down on them like an avalanche of ice-cold wrath.
And despite his efforts to prove to Anna that demons don't exist, she suddenly realises that they are as real as they have ever been as she watches her protector, her teacher morph into a killer who cares nothing for boundaries or restraint as he hunts those who have taken something from him that can never be replaced.
In Plymouth's world the killing will only stop when the guilty have paid in blood, no matter what the cost.


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