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Amy Andrews has been missing for over twenty four hours and when the naked body of a young female is discovered trapped in the violent churning water of the river Douglas, DS Lasser fears the worst.
But nothing adds up, Amy Andrews had been strangled before being dumped in the beer black water, her clothes are missing and yet there is no sign of any sexual assault.
With the team depleted and a killer running amok Lasser must try and dig up the clues as to why the killer is targeting young women. To make matters worse someone is determined to finish Lasser for good, someone with a deep seated hatred for the taciturn sergeant and all he stands for.
As Lasser strives to get to the truth he finds himself caught in a battle as the team is slowly decimated and when another young woman is snatched off the streets he knows that time is running out not just for her but for all those he holds dear.
Yet the truth is darker and deeper than he could ever have imagined as the figure emerges from the shadows determined to kill again, determined to become what they had been born to be

Shedding Skins

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