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Summer and for once the blistering sun is beaming down on Wigan, warming the bones of the locals and igniting the fury of a monster. A killer is on the loose, someone whose fury matches the heat of the sun.

Someone is on a crusade, looking for the guilty and determined to cleanse the streets no matter what the cost.

As the heat builds, and the bodies start to surface, Lasser finds himself trying to discover the identity of the killer who seems to attack randomly and with devastating force. The investigation will lead him into the downtrodden world of the homeless, a world where kids are living rough, huddled together, trying to stay below the radar of the authorities.

But now they have more pressing concerns as the killer stalks the baking streets, and Lasser is faced with the reality of the town he lives in. A reality where life is cheap, and those most vulnerable are mere pawns in a much bigger game of life and death.

Shadows Cast

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