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When Amber Sharples meets an old friend on the car park of the local supermarket she naturally takes the time to catch up whilst loading her shopping into the boot. Yet that one simple act is about to turn her life into a living hell as she discovers that her daughter is no longer in the car, no longer safe in the secure child seat.

For Alan Bannister, his world is falling apart as he tries to come to terms with the fact that Suzanne has died. When he discovers that she had organised her own funeral Bannister feels completely out of the loop, crushed and broken and despising the job he believes has cost him so much.

Meanwhile Lasser, Odette and the team are desperately trying to find the missing Milly Sharples. Time is slipping away and the fear that the same monster who took another child eight months earlier could be responsible for her disappearance only adds to the horror that Milly could have suffered the same terrible fate as Josey Grant.

Though this is a tangled web of hate and madness and there are dark forces at work in the winter-locked town. As Lasser tries to hold onto the threads he is pulled into a nightmare of his own, one that could end in the death of the missing child before she can be saved.

Slowly, the snow starts to fall covering the tracks of those involved, blanketing the town in a shroud of mystery as they fight to get to a truth that will leave them all reeling with mind-shredding horror, shaking the foundations of their world and beliefs.

Pain Of Never

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