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After a hard day working on the farm old Jack Wild is settling down for his nightly bottle of pale ale when the screaming starts, seconds later he opens the back door and the young girl staggers into the flagged kitchen, her screams of terror ringing around the room as she pulls at her long hair, her eyes wide with terror, on the brink of madness.
Ten minutes later both Jack and his wife are speechless as her tale of horror unfolds, forcing Jack out into the storm ravaged night, torch in hand as he heads for Dunston Woods, what he finds there trapped in the cone of light, hanging from the spiked metal railings is the stuff of nightmares, the kind of thing that could stop your heart dead.
For Lasser and the team the nightmare is only just beginning, and it will drag each and every one of them towards the abyss, towards a place of darkness and death, a place that will leave those who survive scarred forever.
An avenging angel is sending the demons straight to hell, the demons who lashed at his flesh, the ones who turned him into a lethal killer, a man who exists simply to slaughter the guilty.
As the body count rises Lasser tries to find a way forward but the truth is he knows a secret that is shredding his senses, leaving him powerless to function, powerless to help those in need. Yet by the end his own blood is tainted as the truth of the nightmare is finally revealed, leaving him desolate, lost in the darkness with no way back to the pinprick of light that shrinks and vanishes to nothing, nothing but eternal night.

Tears for The Living

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