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Lainey Frost is heading home, back to the place of her birth, back to fells and mountains, to ancient forests and fast flowing rivers that dash into lakes both deep and dark.


Two days before Christmas and the snow is falling, not the flimsy flakes you occasionally got in London, no, this was real snow, northern snow, that sticks and builds and changes the very landscape. The kind of snow that obliterates and covers any tracks and yet the closer she gets to home the more the uncertainty grows.

Suddenly, the idea of turning up at the family farm in the middle of the night to 'surprise' her mother doesn't seem like the best of ideas.  But it's more than that, for Lainey it's about making amends, about doing the right thing, about reconnecting with her past.

Yet things are about to change for Lainey Frost as a figure emerges through the darkness, silhouetted against the hush of falling snow, a presence from her past and one that will ignite emotions that she had long since buried, feelings that she had thought were long forgotten.

But can she trust the man she once loved; can she believe the things he says?

With the snow continuing to fall and the outside world becoming unreachable, Lainey finds herself embroiled in a dark mystery, one where choosing who to believe is paramount and putting her faith in the wrong person could turn out to be a fatal mistake.

Can Lainey trust her haunted heart, or will that trust be buried deep in the cold, iron-hard ground to be hidden forever by the never-ending silent fall of white?

After all, some secrets are never to be told.

Never to be Told

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