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When Sam Burt sets out for a leisurely stroll along the canal, he has no idea that the afternoon will turn into a nightmare of nerve-shredding terror. Running late, with the sun sinking fast and his dodgy hip playing up, his only concern is if he will make it home before his legs give way. However, what he discovers on the towpath sends him crashing to the ground, his heart hammering, his brain misfiring with horror.
Called out to the grisly scene, Lasser soon discovers that what happened to the dead man was no accident, someone planned the execution, someone with a grudge to bear. As Lasser delves deeper, his past comes crashing into the present bringing with it a member of his family, someone who won’t even acknowledge his existence let alone accept his help. Someone he was once very close to but now hasn't spoken to in over a decade. He finds himself under the spotlight, as secrets about his past are unearthed, a past he would sooner forget, while those who want to see him brought down gather like a pack of starving wolves. A past, reporter Michael Brewster is keen to see on the front pages. After Lasser is forced to meet the family member and give them shelter, DI Noble does her best to act as intermediary but keeping the peace between two members of the Lasser family is no easy task.
However, Lasser has concerns that are more pressing when a colleague is snatched from the side of the road and vanishes into the night after helping Lasser with a favour. With the clock ticking and time running out, he must unravel the mystery of who wants him to suffer before it is too late. Then the grisly packages start to arrive and the skeletons come clattering out of the cupboard.
So, when an ex-girlfriend is also snatched Lasser becomes a man on a mission and finds himself fighting, not only for his own survival, but also for that of a colleague and his own blood relative.

Moments Back

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