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Violent weather, violent acts that will lead DS Lasser into a night of anguish and regret. One in which he will have a mystery to solve and one that will fundamentally change him forever as he realises that some things can never be put right no matter how hard you try.  


A thunderous night and DS Lasser finds himself chasing a man through ancient woodland. Soaked to the skin with the lightening illuminating the tumultuous sky he is determined to get his man.


This is only the start to a night that will change him forever.


Soon he will find a young girl, a runaway with a terrifying tale to tell, leading Lasser on a race against time as he tries to help her find her way through the terror. Though as the mystery unfolds Lasser realises that there is more at stake and the clock is ticking. The question is can he save the innocent as well as the guilty as the thunder continues to bellow from the unforgiving heavens?

Lasser Beginnings

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