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For Emily Green, the city life has lost its appeal, now she sees beyond the bright lights to the grime and harshness, the endless hustle and bustle that used to be thrilling now fills her with a sense of dread. So when she discovers the picturesque cottage for sale on the internet she instantly falls in love with the place and when her husband John agrees to view the property she comes to believe that it is written in the stars that this will be their new forever home. 

Rosebud Cottage sits on the clifftops commanding breath-taking views of the sea, a vista that is forever changing, and one that instantly fills them both with a sense of belonging. 
Though things are about to change, as a simple walk on the pebbled beach at Seaview Cove turns into a nightmare for Emily as she discovers a body hidden by the rocks, a man is sprawled on the stones, eyes closed, arms outstretched his wild black hair matted with blood. Though by the time she raises the alarm and dashes back to the beach she is left stunned to find the man has vanished.

So starts the mind bending mystery as Emily tries to navigate her way through the labyrinth of her own mind, and as those around her become more concerned with her behaviour, she finds herself doubting her own sanity.

As obsession takes over, Emily comes to realise that sometimes even the most tranquil of surroundings can mask the most devastating of crimes.

As the weather changes and the storms arrive Emily Green finds herself trapped in a dark place, a place where even her own senses are not to be trusted. 

And as she tries to hold onto her sanity, someone is watching from the shadows, someone with evil on their mind.

Imprint of the Past

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