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We may have had a heatwave but Lasser is in the middle of his bleakest winter.


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Locked in the middle of an iron-clad desolate winter, the clotted sky bearing down, the town slowly vanishes beneath a blanket of dense snow, making the run up to Christmas a treacherous affair for the population of Wigan.


Though for one man the bleak winter weather is the least of his problems, his hands might feel numb with the cold, but his body burns, feverishly hot. Agony, raw and visceral cascades through his brain, slowly tearing him apart, until he stumbles across a remedy. Killing is the miraculous cure, the one thing that eradicates the pain, though the relief is short-lived and as the need to quell the agony increases he finds himself looking for another victim, another cure.


For Lasser, things have never been better, he has a woman in his life, someone who helps soothe his damaged soul, someone who loves him just as he is.


Though things are about to change, and the team find themselves hunting the killer across a barren landscape in which only the strongest will survive.


As the killing escalates, Lasser discovers the horrifying truth, some victims deserve to die.


Though the man who hunts in the darkened snow-smothered town has no concept of guilt or innocence, all he wants is to keep the pain away, then he can concentrate on making those he hates the most suffer an endless agony.


Lasser has no idea that the case will take him to places that will tarnish his soul forever as he desperately tries to stop a man who will never cease his butchery and killing as long as he lives and breathes.


Though in plain sight someone else is working to a twisted scheme, one built on retribution and violence and as Lasser becomes consumed with finding the killer, someone much closer to home is planning their own revenge and will stop at nothing to get it.

Desolate Hearts

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