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When Robert Engelbart inherits his Aunt Edith's cottage in the picturesque village of Dapple Dyke he is both amazed and confused in equal measure. Truth is he had only ever been to the village once before as a ten year old and that had been to stay with his aunt, whilst London was being blitzed.


Now as the author of two 'angry young man' novels he is struggling to write a third. Trouble is he no longer feel angry enough and the Imperial typewriter has remained silent for almost three years. Not good when your agent is expecting you to deliver your 'masterpiece' within the next three weeks.

Though all that is about to change as Robert discovers that Dapple Dyke is not as tranquil as it first appears.

There is a brittle darkness about the place and the more he learns about the occupants of the village, the more his interest is piqued.

Only when he discovers the body in the church, does Robert Engelbart truly realises just how dark and deep the roots go in Dapple.


The question is, can he solve the mystery, or will he find himself ensnared in the machinations that bubble just below the surface of Dapple Dyke Village?

Death at Dapple Dyke

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