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For Marnie Hammond the fact that Clarissa Wold is in hospital under guard is a blessing. At last Wold will be held accountable for the crimes she committed with her monstrous brother, sickening crimes spanning over twenty years and leaving nothing but the bones and skulls of the innocent behind.

Wold holds the key to what happened to Marnie's younger sister sixteen years earlier, and she is determined to get to the truth no matter what the cost.

Though on one blood-drenched night all that will change, leaving Marnie in a world of turmoil as she realises that there are others out there in the shadows who want to silence Wold permanently before she reveals her sickening secrets.
Suddenly, Marnie is plummeted into the depths of despair when she realises that finding out what happened to Abby is going to be harder than she could ever have imagined.

To make matters worse she is being questioned about her actions, and, as she fights her way to the truth, she becomes convinced that there are those in the force who want to end her career once and for all.

Though she soon comes to realise that losing her job is the least of her problems, when someone emerges from the shadows, a man with ice-cold blue eyes and a shock of white hair, a man whose reputation precedes him, a stone-cold killer who offers to help Marnie.

In the crucible of hate and madness that follows, she must decide which way to turn. 

Day Is Done

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