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For DS Lasser things are going well, for once life is good and the distant sound of wedding bells can be heard, but in Lasser's world nothing good lasts forever and things are about to change to devastating effect.
Someone is stalking the streets of Wigan, someone who attacks with no rhyme or reason, leaving death and destruction in their wake.
Within a twenty-four hour period one man is horrifically maimed and another is found dead in local woodland, two seemingly separate violent acts, yet as things progress Lasser begins to suspect that there could well be a link, a link that will lead to more horror and death unless he can find the person responsible and put a stop to their reign of terror.
But things are not what they seem and as he closes in on the guilty, he discovers that sometimes even those who commit the most heinous of crimes are not wholly responsible for their actions.
Especially when they have someone inside their head manipulating and moulding them into monsters, leaving Lasser chasing shadows as he tries to track the one who whispers poisonous words into the ears of those willing to follow without question, those willing to kill should their master demand it.

Dark of Mind

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