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Two families at war, one moment of madness, one terrible mistake.
When Chaz Finch drops the chunk of stone from the motorway bridge he sets off a chain of events that will decimate his family. The youngest member, he always gets the dirty jobs, the ones no one else wants. Treated as an unpaid drudge, he is illiterate and broke. The one thing he is good at is stealing cars and losing his temper. But even he could never imagine the carnage that one stupid act would cause. It brought him to the attention of the white-haired man with the bright, crazed smile. For Plymouth, this wasn't a job, it was personal. And he would go after anyone he thought was to blame.
Lasser knows only too well that Plymouth is on the warpath and those responsible will suffer at his hands. Plymouth always leave a trail of bodies behind him, and those who he lets live, soon wish he hadn't.
Lasser wants the families to go into protective custody but is shunned by both families who are convinced they can take care of Plymouth. Despite the families being decimated, they still won't budge. Armed police are brought in and find themselves protecting the ones they usually arrest but then find themselves being targeted as well. 
Though Lasser has more pressing problems. Paul Conroy is an abuser, an animal with no moral compass and Lasser knows he is already looking for his next victim and they have to catch him before he goes to ground.
The trouble is, Lasser suspects someone is helping to shield Conroy, someone who has no qualms about helping a child molester. Someone willing to turn a blind eye to Conroy's filthy ways.
As the long winter nights continue and the rain pounds the hardened streets, the stakes grow ever higher and Lasser finds himself trapped in a swirling maelstrom of murder and violence as the clock ticks away the valuable seconds towards the ultimate confrontation.
Then on one rain-swept night, inevitably the worlds collide.
But who will emerge the victor and who will fall?

Dark Necessities

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