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Typical Wigan weather, rain falling, the sky clotted with cloud, hardly the kind of weather for a stroll in the woods, but that's exactly what Mia Cross and Dot Marsh are doing, wellies on, hoods up and the last thing they expect to find is the dead body of the man sprawled in the mud, his mouth stretched wide in a silent scream, catching the falling rain.


But this is only the first victim, soon Lasser and the team are hunting a killer who strikes without rhyme or reason.


Clues are thin on the ground and all they know is that the attacks are escalating, the violence used by the killer becoming more extreme.


As if things weren't bad enough someone is holding up local businesses at gunpoint, demanding money before escaping on a high-powered motorcycle.


Chasing shadows, the team are stretched to breaking point and Lasser knows that there is no way the killer will stop, and the clock is ticking the minutes away before he kills again.

Crisis of Faith

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