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elle Morgan has no idea why the men are chasing her or why murder follows in her footsteps.
All she knows is she has to stay hidden but that isn't easy when you are left to fend for yourself in a strange town and your face is suddenly all over the news channels and plastered on the front of the papers. 
When a street kid turns up dead at the back of the local hospital Lasser finds himself embroiled in a fight to find out who the victim was and why he was brutally murdered. Although he soon comes to realise that the boy was not alone when he died – someone else was there with him, someone who knows the truth of what happened on the dimly-lit car park. Someone who saw not only the murder but the attack on a defenceless woman who lies fighting for her life in the same hospital. A woman who was seeing a married man. A married man who slept around, as did his boss, Bill Ryan. And when their wives finally learn the truth they hatch a Machiavellian plot in an attempt to get their own back.
With the stakes mounting and the body count rising Lasser discovers that the runaway holds the key to the murder and mayhem. 
Kelly Ramsey, celebrating passing her driving test, goes to Haigh Hall with her dog, Monty. A pleasant walk turns into a scramble through the bushes as Monty follows his nose and finds the missing runaway. But Kelly's help turns sour and the girl disappears again. She is left with no choice but to tell Lasser all she knows.

When those closest to him become ensnared in the web of hatred and violence then all bets are off as Lasser realises that some lines have to be crossed if you are to save the ones you care most about. As the faceless killers are drawn to the town, Lasser knows he must find the mystery girl before they do. 


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