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The middle of a freezing winter, a time of washed out colours and long dark nights and Lasser finds himself locked in a world of turmoil. The doctors had said they would wake Odette from the medical induced coma and yet she still lies there in the hospital bed, eyes closed, skin like alabaster as if she is waiting to die. And now her parents are here he feels locked out of the loop and cut adrift in a sea of confusion.


He can’t think straight, can’t function and yet the world still turns and people are dying.

Within the space of an hour two men are murdered, one burns to death in a blazing car and the second is slaughtered on a rain swept street.

But what links the two men and why is someone hell bent on targeting the local Vance family?

As Lasser battles his inner demons and his world slowly falls apart he finds himself playing catch up trying to solve the crimes while yet more bodies pile up. 

Yet the suffering he feels now is nothing compared to what awaits him. Soon he will be lost in a dark twisting void, a world of black despair that threatens his sanity and leaves him in a world of savage pain and regret as he realises that nothing will ever be the same again. 

Stations Of The Cross

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