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In Lasser's world when you make a promise you keep it no matter what the cost, but the
promise he made to Suzanne Bannister has come back to haunt him and after the horrific
events of the last few weeks his life is in a turmoil of ruin.  

Guilt is slowly crushing him and the shame of knowing about his hated father's involvement
in the crimes that took place at Dunston Manor is only adding to the dark stain on his soul.

So, when people start to die Lasser is ill-equipped to focus on the task ahead, he can't shake
the feeling of despair, the feeling that he has betrayed everyone close to him.

But the killer has no interest in Lasser's feelings, he wants to know what it's like to end a life,
after all, paying others to do his bidding has become tedious, besides why should they be the
ones who have all the fun?


Now he is on a mission to make his fantasy a reality, but can
Lasser shake off the horror of what he has done in time to stop the killer before he strikes

Constructing a Killing

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