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When a body is found on the railway tracks it looks at first like a suicide until Lasser discovers that the man had been drugged before having his arms and legs bound.
As Lasser tries to discover the identity of the dead man, tries to untangle the threads, he finds the trail leads to a world of parties, drugs and dark fantasy. A world where the powerful are in charge and the weak are made to suffer for their twisted pleasure. But someone is taking their own revenge on the partygoers, someone who will stop at nothing to bring the guilty to their knees, someone with an agenda far darker than those involved.
Big, lumbering Mervyn Cox likes working for the council. He also likes to earn a bit of overtime and go around and lock the park gates at night. The same parks that are home to a thriving group of doggers.
Overweight Art Wallace fantasises about his next-door neighbour, Marnie Price, while his wife, Bernice, hates her and her parties of half-naked people. The trouble is, Art hasn't seen the couple next door for a few days and when he goes to investigate and sees the blood smeared on the polished tiles he dashes from the house, the bile rising as the terror comes crashing down.
Steve Cross's neighbours wonder what he does for a living. While they head to work, he is always standing at the door with a smile on his face as they set off for another day of grinding hours in mundane jobs. He certainly never goes out to work, yet lives in a big house with a flashy car. The truth is Steve Cross has a well-paid job, something that brings the cash in by the truckload, he arranges contracts, and if you want someone to vanish then he's the man to get it done.
As people start to die, Lasser finds himself embroiled in a world of lies and deceit while those responsible try to cover up the truth, but dark secrets emerge through the fog of confusion that leave Lasser shocked to the core and desperate to save the damaged before it is too late. 

Conspiracy Of Ravens

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