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Darkening woodland, a typical Wigan night, the wind blowing the rain hammering down and someone dies badly.

This is only the start of a series of events that will have Lasser and the team locked in a battle with someone who is seemingly killing at random.  But things are not always as they appear and Lasser soon learns that the killer is harbouring a deep seated hatred a hatred that spans years and is now totally out of control.

As if that weren't bad enough Lasser's personal life is about to go into free fall, as he realises that things are changing and he can do nothing to stop the inevitable heartache and despair that will follow.

Riven by torment he tries to concentrate on the case in hand as his dreams are shattered.
But things are about to get a whole lot worse as he battles his way to the truth, hoping against hope that somewhere along the line salvation will be found.

And all the time the killer hides in the shadows seeking revenge while the black dog follows Lasser every step of the way.

Blood Bought

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