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Like the town he lives and works, in Lasser’s life is falling apart. The woman he loves has come to her senses and left him and the daily grind of catching the bad guys is wearing thin. He is struggling to see the point in carrying on. Therefore, when he is attacked by a gang on his way home from a retirement party, he thinks he will get his wish and end his days in the deserted shopping centre. When a shot rings out Lasser expects to die. More shots streak through the shopping centre, killing everyone. Everyone that is except Lasser. He is left with the puzzle as to why he should be left alive amidst so much blood and carnage.
A question not only DCI Bannister wants the answer to but the Serious Crime Squad also want answering.
When others begin to die and the streets are crawling with armed officers, Lasser is left chasing a shadow, a shadow from the past, a man who has saved his life before and yet kills with such skill and abandon. 
A killer who is back in Wigan, working, but always finds time to help Lasser.
As evidence of his inventive nature come to light, Lasser starts to gather the threads.
The nights grow darker, and Lasser must battle not only the white-haired assassin but also those who are brought in to catch the killer before he strikes again. In the crucible of hate and mistrust, Lasser discovers that the people you should be able to trust are often the ones who will stick the knife in and twist it as they try to make a name for themselves at any cost. A cost that more often than not involves those Lasser calls friends.
With the body count rising, Lasser finds himself trying to do his job with enemies on every side. All taking place against the backdrop of Waltzers and glaring lights as the fairground comes to town bringing with it a sadistic psychopath who has a plan of his own. 

Bad Self

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