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Dragged up in virtual isolation, no friends, no real family and not even knowing his full name.

This how the boy known simply as Frankie was raised, living on the desolate moors in a house that was slowly crumbling around him, living a life crammed with misery, uncertainty and violence. Then the men started to visit and on one terror-fuelled night Frankie's fears were realised and the real nightmare began.

After the horrific events at Black Crow Farm young Frankie spends the next six years incarcerated, answering endless questions about what happened in the blood-spattered bedroom of the old house. Though six years is plenty of time to think things through and slowly he comes to realise that there is only one person responsible for all the horror, one person he has to find and make him pay for the things he had done.

The man had only ever called him 'boy', never 'son' or 'Frankie'.

So starts the search as Frank Grey hunts for his father, a search that will lead him into the dangerous underworld of organised crime.

Though Grey is more than equipped to survive in the harsh world of dealers and killers while he follows the leads. Years pass, the fury grows, yet he always seems to be one step behind his quarry.
As the past and present collide, Frank Grey relentlessly continues his search, his determination never wavering, his resolve iron-hard as the net slowly closes on the man he hates above all others.

The question is what answers will he receive when he eventually has the man in front of him and what horrors will be revealed before the end?

Axe To Grind

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