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A letter to all readers from Rob

There comes a time when writing a long series of books when you start to wonder what will happen to the characters at the end. The truth is I love to write about Lasser and Co, he has always been fun to spend time with and in my own way I have used him to try and put the world to rights. Whilst writing this I have just completed Lasser number twenty-four and hopefully there will be other Lasser books to follow, but I cast my mind back to when I was a voracious reader and the thrill in following a main character you loved. It really is a great feeling when you start another book in a series and get lost in a world you enjoy spending time in. All great stuff, but then another thought pinged into my mind, and I recalled one or two series that simply ended, either the writer moved on to pastures new or they unfortunately passed away.

Sounds morbid I know but I don't want that for Lasser, I would feel as if I was letting not only him down but also the incredible readers who have allowed me to do this for a living. That's the thing about writing, once the book is complete and out there then the readers give up their valuable time and money to read what has been written, they are invested in the characters and the world they inhabit and deserve an ending to the series

So firstly, to put all of your minds at rest, I will continue to give life to Lasser, the taciturn sergeant from Wigan, and carry on writing a lot more in the Lasser crime series.

But I have also decided to do something a little different for later on.  So with this in mind I have decided to write the last Lasser book but it will remain archived.  The book will be written, given a title and a cover and it will sit on my computer (hopefully for a good few years yet) to be released when I am no longer around to write them.

It may seem bizarre but for me it is the right thing to do, and also it will allow me to move the characters on a few years and to see where life has taken them. I have no doubt the characters will provide me with a few surprises and hopefully it will be the same for the readers when they eventually get to read the final novel.

Again, I hope to write many more but it is great to know that Lasser will not simply end with no real outcome for the character, he will sit on the shelf for now, hopefully gathering plenty of dust, but he will have a final hurrah!


All the best



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