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Author of the DS Lasser crime series,

the DS Marnie Hammond crime series and several standalones.

Meet Robin Roughley

Robin Roughley hails from the town of Wigan in the North-West of England

and is the author of the hugely popular DS Lasser crime series.

Prior to writing about Lasser he produced four plays that would fall into the

dark comedy category,  two of which were showcased at theatres in Manchester  and Yorkshire.

Since then he has self-published twenty-five Lasser crime thrillers, number twenty-six is underway and he is currently working on several other projects. As usual Lasser and co. are leading him a merry dance. They are the ones who write the stories, Robin just gets led by the nose and has no choice but to follow. It always comes as a surprise to him that at the end, the stories all work out and the crimes solved. But just as he finishes one book, characters are already filling his head with more ideas.

There is also Lasser: Beginnings. A short story from way back, but even then, Lasser was showing the characteristics that he has since perfected, together with the burgeoning conscience that now has set up home in his head.


​In an exciting venture, the popular anti-hero, Plymouth, stormed in with a book of his own, Stormcock. And this time, Plymouth most definitely is in charge, dragging Robin, whimpering in fear, in his wake. He lets slip a few secrets of his past which explain his present-day actions. And if that wasn't enough,  Plymouth has had his second outing, Shrive, once again more secrets from his past are revealed. But shhh, not a word to Lasser! 

Robin has released the original versions of the DS Marnie Hammond series, now named, Whippersnapper, Rain Of Souls and Day Is Done.  These are all available on Amazon for download. 

As if Robin is not busy enough, he has now written and released Pinches of Salt.  Pinches of Salt is a fictional story showing what can happen when you let TV cameras into your life.  Full of unexpected twists and turns with a nice pinch of dark humour.

And, finally, he has published three more standalones, Imprint Of The Past, which crosses genres, leaping effortlessly from light romance to crime to paranormal. Have a read and see what you think.

The second standalone is Tunny. Once again a crime novel but don't go thinking it's another Lasser. It is far from being Lasser by another name. It shot straight to number four in the Amazon bestseller chart. Give it a go and who knows, it could become a series! 

Finally, the third standalone, Axe To Grind, turns everything you think you know about killers on its head. Who will you root for?

​When not writing, which amounts to roughly two days a year, he can be found walking the canal towpaths of Wigan, sorting out plot lines and looking for ideas, with an assortment of dogs in tow.

If you like your crime to be hard hitting and gritty with an assortment of characters that feel like friends then feel free to jump in at the deep end.


Any comments or thoughts, feel free to email

 Lasser's first outing of 2021, Third Eye, is now available  to purchase

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Mark Tilbury has generously written a superb review of Tunny. This was unsolicited and came as a shock to Robin, but a very lovely shock.

Mark Tilbury Review

I'm nearing the end of Tunny by Robin Roughley and in all my 59 years on this earth I've never read such a heartbreaking, disturbing, yet thoroughly absorbing book. God only knows why this is this the first book of yours I've read Robin!  

I had seen recommendations of this book online, thought it looked like my cup of tea and got myself a copy. It's now got a place in my top 5 books. The recommendations did warn of the harsh and brutal treatment endured by many of the characters, and although I've read books on the same topic, I know that what happened in the story will stay in my mind for a long time. This may be fiction, but unfortunately similar situations happen in reality.

What makes this story stand out are the different points of view of, the police (mainly Tunny,) the abused, and the abusers. I felt sick reading the main abuser's POV, how normal, how exciting they found it. Then I was feeling angry on behalf of all the youngsters being abused in the most horrific ways imaginable.

The person Tunny was trying to identify had my full support and encouragement throughout the book. Some may say two wrongs don't make a right, but unless you've been in a similar situation you don't know what you may decide to do. From an outsider's perspective though, their actions were completely understandable.

Tunny is a great detective. He won't take shit from anyone and doesn't suffer fools. When he realises the motivation behind the killings he's investigating, he's torn. He has to try and stop another murder - it's his job, whilst also seeing how it is deserved.

This book doesn't make for comfortable reading, but it's not supposed to. It shines a light on the consequences of child abuse which Roughley exposes in poignant and heartbreaking ways.

My book of 2020.

Wigan Revealed
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